Paul McCartney at Desert Trip

In October 2016 Paul headlined the Desert Trip music festival in Indio, California. During his two sets, Paul duetted with Neil Young and Rihanna.

Talking about the festival with his website, Paul said,

"Desert Trip was a trip. Just being in that company! First weekend, we went on the Friday to see Bob Dylan and The Stones. It was very exciting seeing them anyway, but seeing them in this big desert occasion was great. And then the next night there was Neil Young, and us, and then the next night there was The Who and Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd. It was a heck of a line up, quite a historic weekend!

"We enjoyed it the first weekend. And then the second weekend I think we were even more settled in. First weekend, Neil guested with us, which was great. Second weekend he guested with us again, and this time he played a longer solo. It was just a joy. Because, I’ve known him a long time, and being beside his beaming face and both of us grinning like Cheshire Cats. It was great fun. And the audience loved it, and it was a huge audience!

"And then Rihanna playing on the second weekend! She’s such a cool girl. Great singer. We had hardly any rehearsal, but it was pretty much the record. We did it like the record and I took Kanye’s part, so that was very exciting."



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