Crippled Inside (Evolution Documentary)

For an enhanced narrative, turn on the subtitles.
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The Evolution Documentary reveals the story of the development of the songs on the Imagine album and, on Blu-ray 2 only, the five extra non-album tracks.

Sam Gannon (engineer): Each montage chronicles how a song developed from its embryonic form and then evolved as it was recorded in the studio. In our search for bonus material, we listened to demos, all the takes from the one-inch multitrack tapes, and quarter-inch reels recorded in May 1971 by the film crew documenting the sessions at the studio in Ascot. We discovered many moments that, although not long enough to be bonus tracks by themselves, when blended together would help tell the story of each song.

The Evolution Mixes are intended to provide an insight into the way that John & Yoko, Phil Spector and the Plastic Ono Band collaborated both inside and outside of the studio environment. By listening to each Evolution Mix, it is hoped a deeper understanding will be gained about the way the songs were crafted.

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