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The Hollywood Reporter: Эксклюзивные портреты Бенедикта Камбербэтча на TIFF 2013, в Торонто, 11.09.2013 года

Бенедикт Камбербэтч на обложке журнала The Hollywood Reporter и его эксклюзивные портреты к фильму "Пятая власть", где он сыграл главную роль в политической драме-триллере режиссера Билла Кондона. Фильм рассказывает о реальных событиях, окружающих основателя WikiLeaks Джулиана Ассанжа. Кинофестиваль в Торонто в этом году открылся премьерой этого фильма, на экраны триллер выйдет 11 октября. Фотосессию для журнала провел Фабрицио Мальтезе (Fabrizio Maltese). Фотопортреты Бенедикта под катом 


Benedict Cumberbatch: Exclusive Portraits of 'The Fifth Estate's' Leading Man The "Sherlock" actor will star in the upcoming Bill Condon-helmed drama, which recounts true events surrounding WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Premiering at this year's Toronto Film Festival, the mystery thriller opens in theaters on Oct. 11. Photographed by Fabrizio Maltese

At the flick of a switch, he can turn from icy to incandescent, from dignified to indignant. "He embodies the contradictions of Julian Assange," says DreamWorks partner Stacey Snider of Cumberbatch, who plays WikiLeaks founder Assange in The Fifth Estate. "He is classical and modern, he is cerebral and intuitive, he attracts you and at times keeps you at a distance. That's what makes him singular and utterly compelling."

Philosophical 'Buddhist'
Cumberbatch speaks of being drawn to the "transcendent" and calls himself a Buddhist (at least "philosophically"), but he can just as easily leave all that, become Holmes and "imagine faking my own death."

DreamWorks' Offer
Cumberbatch heard about the part for The Fifth Estate's Julian Assange "at someone's birthday party. I stepped outside, and both my agents [he’s repped in Hollywood by UTA's Billy Lazarus] were sort of going, 'Woo-ooo! Really exciting news!' And I said, 'What? What?' I had no idea. And they said, 'DreamWorks would like to offer you Assange.' "

'Eye of the Storm'
Assange's interests, and actions, continued to play out in the media during the film shoot, which largely took place in Belgium early this year. "When you're playing someone who's in the eye of the storm, you suddenly become incredibly conscious of that particular world, those particular concerns," says Cumberbatch. "And the news kept crashing in about [WikiLeaks source Pfc. Bradley Manning]. There was this static in the air all the time."

Stanley Kubrick Admirer
He lives in a flat in north London, which he describes as both minimalist and eclectic ("I like light; there's not a single room in the house that doesn't have a window"). He watches some television, including Breaking Bad and The Killing, but not much. He professes a deep admiration for Stanley Kubrick, the subject of a dissertation he wrote at university about "how within a diverse subject matter his worldview is still very unified."

Communication With Julian Assange
While preparing, he did everything to reach Assange. Although they never met in person, the two did communicate, via "e-mail through a friend, basically," explains Cumberbatch, wary of divulging the details. "He was pretty keen for me not to do the film, and the rest is sort of between us, really."

Among Britain's Most Memorable Actors
It’s unclear what direction Cumberbatch's career will follow outside Sherlock, for which he's committed to another season after the current one (he claims he does not know how long he'll continue beyond that). Regardless, he seems poised to become one of Britain's most memorable actors.

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