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Случайные фото английских джентельменов: Алекс Петтифер, Генри Кавилл, Руперт Гринт, Дэвид Бекхем

В свободное от репетиций на Бродвее время, Руперт Гринт может себе позволить небольшую фотосессию для Joe Allen Restaurant солнечным нью-йоркским днем 19 августа. Алекс Петтифер и его подружка не могут позволить себе пропустить знаковый боксерский поединок, который состоялся 16 августа в Лас-Вегасе, штат Невада. Кто сказал, что костюм Супермена похож на балетное трико? Даже если и так, все равно приятно смотреть на Генри Кавилла в этом прикиде, когда он супергеройски прошелся по съёмочной площадке фильма "Бэтмен против cупермена: На заре справедливости" ( Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) в Детройте 19 августа. Дэвид Бекхем мастерски совмещает спортивное и приятное. Так он 20 августа был на мальчишнике с кулинаром Гордоном Рамзи и актером Максом Бизли. Приятная компания и вкусная еда в этот вечер была обеспечена. После таких посиделок, Дэвид и его жена Вики на следующий день посетили спортзал в Брентвуде. Никто из папарацци не посмел их преследовать, ведь рядом была серьезная и грозная Виктория Бекхем :) 


19.08.2014 - "It's Only A Play" Cast Photocall


Rupert Grint attends the Breakfast at Joe Allen for the cast and creative team of 'It's Only a Play' at Joe Allen Restaurant on August 19, 2014 in New York City


16.08.2014 - На боксерском поединке в Лас-Вегасе, Невада


Model Marloes Horst and actor Alex Pettyfer attend the inaugural event for BKB, Big Knockout Boxing, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on August 16, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada 


19.08.2014 - На съемках фильма "Бэтмен против Супермена: На заре справедливости" /
 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice в Детройте



Superheros are supposed to be strong and muscular, and Henry Cavill shouldn't disappoint. For the first time, the 31-year-old actor allowed a glimpse of his bulky physique in the blue and red superhero suit as he crossed the Detroit set of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice on Tuesday. (19.08.2014) Cavill displayed a brawny chest, six-pack abdomen and muscle-packed legs that were worthy of applause, along with slicked back dark hair. 

The British star was surrounded by crew members as he took long strides between the trailers, his crimson boots matching the red lining of his flowing black cape. He looked so much like Superman that one would expect him to take a flying leap and start soaring right there and then. Soon Henry drew the robe around him in an effort to keep his costume under wraps as he finished working for the day on the highly anticipated Zack Snyder directed sequel to 2013's Man Of Steel.

Despite the hooded covering, the costume's trademark 'S' logo and red boots could be seen poking through the handsome star's garment. Sporting the sleek slicked hairstyle, Henry's extremely buff physique even protruded through the oversized robe. The star was seen flanked by several production staff members and Japanese actress Tao Okamoto, who was clad in a monochromatic black and white ensemble.


20.08.2014 - Мальчишник с Гордоном Рамзи (Gordon Ramsay) и Максом Бизли ( Max Beesley)


When it comes to a lads' night out with Gordon Ramsay, you can be sure it will involve good food.
That's why Wednesday night was taco night for David Beckham, actor Max Beesley and the Brit Michelin star chef as they headed out without their famous wives. Stylish former footballer David looked suitably handsome in just a charcoal Tee leaving the Petty Cash Taqueria, with the full group sporting similar side-swept blonde hairstyles to the suave fashion icon.

David's famous hair do was parted on one side and slicked back, while he kept his facial hair rugged to suit the style of his inked arms. 

Gordon and David, both fathers of four, were perfectly in sync on boys' night, both choosing black jeans and boots for an evening of street food eating. Having spent plenty of time together on previous dad dates, Gordon, 47, reflected the 39-year-old fashion model's signature style with an equally on-trend blonde side-sweep.

Hotel Babylon actor Max, meanwhile, looked dapper in a pair of thick-rim black glasses, while opting for dressed-down attire in a navy jumper with a chain around his neck. Careful not to attract too much attention to themselves, the celebrity chef, TV actor and famous footballer made a not-so-glamorous exit via the back entrance, but were greeted by waiting photographers, even so. David carried a tan cap in his hands; a finishing touch to his laid back evening ensemble.

21.08.2014 - С женой Викторией после тренировки в Брентвуде, Калифорния.


Soccer star David Beckham leaving Soul Cycle with his wife Victoria after a workout on August 21, 2014 in Brentwood, California. After getting home Victoria participated in the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge' with the help of her sons sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

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