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Эмма Стоун на торжественном вечере 2015 Hammer Museum Gala в Западном Голливуде, Калифорния, 10 октября 2015 года

10 октября 2015 года Эмма Стоун посетила праздничный вечер Hammer Museum Gala по поводу поддержки программ развития мирового искусства в музее Hammer в Западном Голливуде. В этом году чествовали актрису Дайан Китон и художника Пола Маккарти. В этот вечер в саду музея присутствовали Джулия Робертс, Мэттью Барни, Эд Руша, Стив Мартин, Сальма Хайек, Кирнан Шипка и многие другие. "Из всех событий, на которые я хожу, это мое любимое," - сказал Эрми Хаммер, чей тезка и прадед Арманд Хаммер основал музей. Томас Майер, креативный директор Bottega Veneta, был в качестве одного из хозяев гала-вечера и лейбл-спонсором этого мероприятия в течение трех лет. Он одевал многих гостей, включая Аманду Пит, Сару Полсон, Сельму Блэр, Элизабет Бэнкс, Миа Маэстро и Kирнан Шипку. "Мне нравится миссия музея по информированию общественности и лелеянию новых художников," - сказал он. Эмме и Стиву Мартину доверили со сцены приветствовать актрису и сказать несколько теплых слов о ней. Стоун вспомнила, когда в первый раз увидела Дайан. Это был фильм "Отец невесты", в котором Китон играла вместе со Стивом Мартином. А Стив парировал, что "это была давняя мечта. Прийти на Hammer Museum Gala, чтобы вместе с Эммой Стоун приветствовать Дайан Китон". В этом году музей Hammer привлек $ 2,5 млн с помощью выставок и свободных государственных программ. Фото смотрим под катом   


10.10.2015 - HAMMER MUSEUM GALA 
 Hammer Museum in Westwood

Emma Stone at the Gala evening in support of the programs of development of art, in Los Angeles Museum "Hammer Museum”, October 10, 2015.


С Дайан Китон за кулисами


It’s a rare feat for an event to feel razzle-dazzle and cozy at the same time, but such was the case at The Hammer Museum’s annual Gala in the Garden, which this year honored Paul McCarthy and Diane Keaton. While there was a heady mix of art and entertainment luminaries in the museum courtyard on Saturday night — Julia Roberts, Matthew Barney, Ed Ruscha, Steve Martin, Emma Stone, Salma Hayek, to name a few — most guests said it felt like a gathering of close friends.

"Of all the events I go to, this is my favorite one,” said Armie Hammer, whose namesake and great-grandfather Armand Hammer founded the museum. He may have been biased, but he got it right when he said, "It’s small, it’s quiet, it’s everyone who wants to be here who loves art.”

Roberts, who attended last year and was elevated to co-host for this year’s event, said, "Museums can seem like big, scary, unapproachable places and that’s not the feeling here. It seems to be part of the community for the people as well as the artists.”

Tomas Maier, creative director of Bottega Veneta, served as one of the gala’s hosts — the label has sponsored the event for three years and dressed many guests including Amanda Peet, Sarah Paulson, Selma Blair, Elizabeth Banks, Mia Maestro and Kiernan Shipka. "I like a museum’s mission to educate the public and nurture new artists,” he said. But he’s hardly hopping on the bandwagon, having come here to check out the art scene for decades.

Hammer director Ann Philbin pointed out, "The arts have been at the center of the transformation of L.A. for the past decade and I feel proud of the leading role that the Hammer has played in this incredible change.” Many credited Philbin’s work, including Keaton, who said, "Let’s just get this straight — she’s why this is what it is. She singlehandedly turned it around. I’m actually here to honor Ann. That’s my job.”

It was Martin and Stone who had the job of ushering Keaton onstage. Martin cracked, "It’s been a longtime dream of mine to come to the Hammer and introduce Emma Stone and have her introduce Diane Keaton.” Stone parried right back with, "One of the first times I ever saw Diane Keaton onscreen was in ‘Father of the Bride’ when she co-starred with Steve. I was just a kid but I remember thinking, ‘He’s going places.’ So, good for you, Steve.”

The museum scored another coup in honoring artist and provocateur McCarthy, whose work it will showcase next year in an exhibit of drawings spanning 50 years. As Barney put it, "His work is critical of the world and appropriates and defiles, but at the core of this work is a startling joy…he is loving every minute of it.” McCarthy’s acceptance speech was like a performance art piece in itself, a rambling stream of consciousness that he read off of his iPhone. "Mike Kelly tells me he hates parties…They are about nothing…raising money, mania, status…I told Mike there are, this is, another way of looking, of supporting other artists. Acknowledging the community and the importance of art,” McCarthy said.

It had Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti bursting with civic pride. "When I bet Mayor DeBlasio about the Mets and the Dodgers, our bet was that no matter who won the playoffs, L.A. was still the cultural king.” It was fitting, then, that Aloe Blacc closed the evening with a rendition of Marvin Gaye’s "What’s Going On.”

The sold-out Gala this year raised $2.5 million for the Hammer’s renowned exhibitions and free public programs.
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