Главная » 2014 » Январь » 3 » Дельфин и Русалка: Джейсон Стэтхэм и Рози Хантингтон-Уайтли проводят первые дни нового 2014 года на Гавайях, 01-02.01.2014
Дельфин и Русалка: Джейсон Стэтхэм и Рози Хантингтон-Уайтли проводят первые дни нового 2014 года на Гавайях, 01-02.01.2014

На эту пару невозможно не любоваться. Джейсон Стэтхэм показал не только свое безупречное тело, надев гидрокостюм для серфинга, но и умение управлять доской на волне. 01 января 2014 года Джейсон покорял гавайские волны и был доволен результатами. На следующий день у парочки были запланированы воздушные процедуры. Теперь предстояло Рози Хантингтон-Уайтли блеснуть своим идеальным телом. Небольшой фотосет в солнечном свете и получайте красивую картинку - русалка в волнах на Гавайских островах. 


Jason Statham went surfing in Hawaii on Wednesday

dailymail.co.uk: He has gained quite the reputation as a tough man due to the roles he has taken on over the years. But on Wednesday Jason Statham decided to get his New Year off to a different start – as a surf star.
The 46-year-old showed off not only his very muscular torso but also his surfing skills as he hit the waves in Hawaii. Wearing a tight black wet suit The Expendables star’s impressive body was in full view as he rode the waves. The English born actor looked more than at ease on the waves, revealing his hidden talent as he rode them effortlessly. As he made his way from the water he couldn’t help but grin, clearly pleased with his own efforts

dailymail.co.uk: She has enjoyed a hugely successful year which has seen her star in some very high-profile campaigns, often in just her underwear.And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley kicked off the New Year in the same fashion – by posing in her bikini. The 26-year-old took to Instagram to share a number of pictures of herself frolicking on the beach in Hawaii on Thursday – presumably taken by her doting boyfriend Jason Statham.

Clearly loving her surroundings, the Devon born star described the location as ‘heaven’.

Showing off the figure which has made her famous she wore a small black bikini as she waded into the shallow water. Lifting her arms in the air Rosie looked as if she could have been on a photoshoot and whoever was taking the pictures clearly thought so as they couldn’t resist taking one as she turned around.  

Rosie also decided to take a selfie of herself – which showed her wearing pale pink rimmed sunglasses that matched her lips.Around her neck she wore a couple of gold necklaces, while a strapless jade coloured dress could also be seen.Her blonde hair fell loose down her shoulders, creating a perfect beachside look.

She also shared a touching picture of her and her actor boyfriend’s feet covered in sand and lifted towards the sea. Taking to Twitter on New Year’s Day Rosie, like many other celebrities, shared a Flipagram video of her year’s highlights. She captioned it: ‘2013 was a good year- full of love, laughter and light. Here's to an even better year 2014, wishing you all a happy new year. Love RHW x’

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