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Creative Minds: Обои на рабочий стол (Wallpapers) с Робертом Паттинсоном от Jules

Мы снова готовы познакомить вас с новыми работами талантливого фотошопера Jules. На просторах инета она известна тем, что делает превосходные обои на рабочий стол и коллажи с Робом Паттинсоном. В своем блоге она выставила новые работы, навеянные нашумевшей рекламой Диор, где снялся Роб, и его появлением на благотворительном вечере Go Go Gala. Чувствуете, повеяло романтикой и океаном? "Следы на песке" ДиорРоба смотрим под катом вместе с пояснением самого автора Jules 

ROBERT PATTINSON - Wallpapers by creationsbyjules

DiorRob – He drove all night…

OK, without wanting to sound too weird – this rough idea and song lyric popped into my head on my way to work recently and well, you know I like a challenge!! This would be one of those where I take the lyrics quite literally too….this is DiorRob on his way to see Camille’s character and once he gets there – then the events in the commercial kick in!   The lyrics for Whole Lotta Love work equally well to be honest – I may change it later. LOL  I know this won’t be to everyone’s taste but I do hope some of you enjoy it.  It’s just for fun as always

"I wanted to do something different for me”

This was created for and posted at RPAustralia.  Like many of you here (I’m sure) I absolutely adore this new smiling DiorRob image and had to use it somehow.  I hope you enjoy this effort

DiorRob – a man for all seasons

This was created for and posted at RPAustralia.  OK so when I say all seasons, I’ve only got Autumn covered in this post. Please humour me! There will be more to come I hope. 

 ‘it was then that I carried you’

How to introduce these? Hmm, I think most of the time I just try to come up with things that I want to see and hope that others might like them too.  There are two because I couldn’t work out which quote I wanted to use ;)   The idea was inspired by the ‘Footprints in the sand’ – you know the one, right? Looking back at the hard times in your life and you were helped through them.  Personally it could be anything and everything to get you through: family, friends, faith, Rob – all or none of the above ;)   Anyway *shrugs* it was on my mind and I wanted to ‘get it out’ :)   I hope this will mean something to some of you and yes, I did flip Rob which I’m not happy about but I think I got away with it…

hooded DiorRob

Hey!!  Long time no post here it feels like :)   I hope everyone’s well and surviving the AMAZING times right now with #DiorRob and recent filming for Maps to the Stars – EPIC!!!!

Dream as if you’ll live forever

I hope you enjoy – it was meant to be the wallpaper version of the final image in the RPAustralia banner  

supporting the Go Campaign

I just wanted to celebrate this amazing man and those wonderful photos of him at the GO GO Gala last week.  I hope you enjoy

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1 murlika • 20:03, 22.11.2013
Шикарные работы! cool
2 Скетчер • 20:15, 22.11.2013
Согласна, Мариш. Просто обалденно!
3 Tasha • 23:19, 22.11.2013
Джулс из Робо-креаторов люблю больше всего. Всегда очень качественные работы с огромной долей как профессионализма, так и фантазии bravo bravo bravo
4 nikele • 16:27, 26.11.2013
А у меня с прошлого года завис на ноуте рождественский Роберт с ёлочкой... Каждый день желает мне счастливого рождества!
Девушки, как поменять его на новенького?