Главная » 2014 » Декабрь » 12 » Бенедикт Камбербэтч в роли короля Ричарда III на съемках последних сцен в сериале "Пустая корона: Война роз", Англия. 10.12.2014
Бенедикт Камбербэтч в роли короля Ричарда III на съемках последних сцен в сериале "Пустая корона: Война роз", Англия. 10.12.2014

Бенедикт Камбербэтч совершает актерский подвиг, полностью погружаясь в роль короля Ричарда III на съемках сериала канала ВВС "Пустая корона: Война роз" (The Hollow Crown: The War Of The Roses ).  Последние кадры из жизни короля-воина, когда он произнес "Коня! Пол-царства за коня!" по версии Шекспира, снимали 10 декабря 2014 года. Канал ВВС не жалеет денег на спецэффекты: тут вам и искусственный дождь и ракурс съемки, когда задействована только верхняя часть туловища, и элементы каскадеров, когда Бенедикт падает спиной на мат, да много чего. Поражает самоотверженная работа Камбербэтча в полном обмундировании - кольчуга, латы, шлем с короной, меч и... резиновые бахилы до пояса... А вы попробуйте сами просто поносить лишних кг 20 и поймете, что актерская работа в образе ой как не легка...   



Benedict Cumberbatch films scenes as Richard III for BBC series The Hollow Crown: The War Of The Roses



Menacing: The actor certainly has that Machiavellian look down to a tee


Wet stuff: The BBC had clearly invested in some decent rain machines to recreate what could be the Battle of Bosworth Field, in 1485, where Richard III met his demise

Action-packed: Wearing royal armour and a crowned helmet, Benedict certainly looked the kingly part above the waist

Down he goes: The actor falls back onto the safety mat in dramatic fashion

His Machiavellian rule came to an end at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, and it looks Benedict Cumberbatch was reliving King Richard III's final moments on Wednesday.
The British actor plays the last king of the House of York in the latest BBC series of The Hollow Crown: The War Of The Roses, and concludes the bringing of William Shakespeare's History plays to the small screen. 
Wearing royal armour and slashing the air with his bloodied sword, Benedict could very well be uttering the last words of Richard III, 'a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse', before his fatal duel with the Earl of Richmond.

Face smeared with blood and a defiant look on his face, Cumberbatch squares up to the camera, thrashing his blade as he awaits his foes from the House of Tudor.
The BBC spared no expense on special effects it seems, as the actor was sprayed with artificial rain while they film the scene, which seems to be focused on his top half as his bottom attire looked a little too modern for a 15th century setting.
Though the angle by which he has positioned his body could be for one of two reasons.

Firstly, Benedict may be acting as though he is on his horse and the scene they are trying to capture is that of the king being knocked off his steed. 
Or, the actor is giving a true interpretation of Shakespeare's villainous king who is described in the play as being 'rudely stamp'd', 'deformed, unfinish'd', and cannot 'strut before a wanton ambling.'
There is a clear difference in his hairstyle for this scene too compared to the official film stills from the BBC show which sees the actor with longer hair, closer in style to the portraits of the conspiring younger brother of King Edward IV of England.

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